Summary of Kaguya Shima Densetsu

This is the first completely original plot for a Sailor Moon Musical which takes the senshi to Kaguya Island. There are many people after the ginzoushu on this island so it turns out to be not the greatest vacation ever.

**SONG - Overture ~ Suisei Coatl no Hibou**
After some set up about the comet destroying all human civilization we're finally to the part where the musical starts. Dark Plasman sings us in with a ridiculously awesome voice. We meet Dark Menorah and the other minions he has as they sing together about how sad it is to live on a comet. They have pretty big ambitions for living in the Sol System and taking over Earth. They're going to lure the senshi to the island and take over.

~SCENE CHANGE (High School)~

**SONG - Ruby no Aka - Yume wo Kaimasu Shima no Tabi**
This is a lovely song with somewhat sexy and dangerous sounding lyrics and music at first then Usagi bursts onto the stage and the lights come on and Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako come out. They're all really excited about going on vacation to Kaguya Island. The outers and Mamoru also come out and they talk about how excited they are about the tresure hunt. Just like the songs says "they're buying a dream, an island trip"

Ruby-sama informs them that their trip will be free because they have ten people! Ruby tells them the boat leaves at 6am and Usagi complains but since it's the only boat there Rei says that she can't oversleep. Ruby tells them to bring there very important things with them.

**SONG - Onna Kaizoku no Sakuseni**
A woman wearing a ridiculous hat enters and is excited to have finally found Plasman's minion and the owner of the dark crystal. So excited her and her three minions sing about it. She, Loof Mellow, wants to rule the planet.

They do a quick silly act and play around on stage until they decide to get serious and talk about their plan to get the Silver Crystal. We get treated to a lot of black while they change sets...

~SCENE CHANGE (On a Ship's Deck)~

Everyone is happy to be finally on the boat and Usagi has made it but is half asleep in a chair. Ami saw 3 falling stars and thinks they're suspicious. Sailors come on and clean the floor and the captain walks around after Mamoru, all very strange things. A fog horn wakes up Usagi and she yells "is it the end of the world?" but she dreamed of a mountain of jewels. Mamoru can't see what's so great about jewels so they have to sing about it.

**SONG - Ai yori Houseki Kaguya Shima**
This is a very cute song and the dances they do alongside it are adorable. We're able to hear everyones voices as well and they're all cute. They all tells us about their birthstones.

The girls ask why this island has so many jewels. Ruby says it's because of Kaguya-hime. They talk about the legend of Kaguya-hime. Ruby acts out the legends in a very cool manner with a fan. Mamoru thinks that something is weird though as Ruby gets called away. Finally Mamoru is able to convince them to go to their rooms

The sailors are actually the minions of Loof Mellow and she is able to give them orders. She also orders the sea to have a storm. With the waves crashing all around them the girls and crew hed for higher ground. Mamoru seems to fight some youma in the dark but then the Outer Senshi come to fight them instead. We hear "Sailor Star Power, MakeUp" and the Inners enter and do their attacks. Finally Sailor Moon comes in on wires and flies down to the middle of the stage. Loof Mellow reveals herself and introduces herself as a Space Pirate. Loof Mellow the senshi then Dark Plasman comes out of the shadows.

**SONG - Arashi no naka no Zenshousen**
This song sounds somewhat skitzofrenic as Plasman and Loof Mellow vie to sing lead parts of it and are both trying to grab the Silver Crystal for themselves. At the end of the song, Loof Mellow tries to down the senshi in a giant wave.

Three small children dressed as cat now enter and talk about what a terrible storm that was. I'm just going to tell you I hate these small kitten-kids. They're suppose to be cute but they're disturbing to me.

**SONG - Natsukashii no wa Naze?**
The three kittens sing about the island they've been living on and they say "nyan nyan" a lot. They seem to be alone and afarid of people.

Everyone is happy to be on land but pretty pissed off that they were shipwrecked. They also seem to be in civilian form now and can't transform. Usagi is missing but she runs on stage wrapped in seaweed and crying. All of a sudden some island people run on welcome everyone to the island, happy to see them alive.

This is a cute and silly song and they dance a fake island dance to it which is ridiculous.

They encourage everyone to get in pairs and start the treasure hunt right away. Once everyone leaves the "travel guides" discuss their evil plans. They feel really nostalgic about something that happened a long time ago...

**SONG - 5000nen Kaguya Shima**
This is sung to the tune of "Minna Dareka ni Aisarete", everyones voice sounds very scratchy during it.

~SCENE CHANGE (In a Cave, On the Other Side of the Island)~

Usagi and Mamoru are walking through a dark cavern and they're terrified. They have a bit of a fight over it. They see a glowing light and they seem to be crystals, Usagi wonders if they're real but Mamoru is concerned that someone may be watching them. Usagi grabs a handful of crystals and follows Mamoru outside. Mamoru wonders if something happened to the Earth and the Moon to cause the orbit to be off from the story he knew about this island.

**SONG - You're My Jewelry**
This seems to be a difficult song to sing since both of them sounds kind of off while singing but it's the usual Mamoru and Usagi duet where's there a lot of flirt and Usagi pretending to be shy. At the end just as they're about to kiss Chibiusa flies down.

**SONG - Chibiusa no Honoran**
She's a surpringly strong singer and is dressed in the pinkest outfit I've ever seen. Very cute.

Chibiusa apperently had a fight with her mother over studying all day and she doesn't want to go back. All of a sudden the three cat children run on stage meowing. It seems that Chibiusa can understand them even though Mamoru and Usagi can't. They want something back. Usagi scares them off stage and Chibiusa fights with her. Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako come on stage and are surprised to see Chibiusa. Three warriors come on stage and the senshi think they're part of the travel agency since they're so funny. Ami walks up to one of them and realizes - it's a real sword! Loof Mellow laughs at them when they can't transform. A short fight scene ensues.

Leah Ruby, Bilhah Emberald and Zilpah Saphire from the Quartile Comet appear to fight Loof Mellow and the Space Pirates. All of a sudden a Space Knight comes!

**SONG - I Do Justice**
His costume is ridiculous but somehow his cool entrance and deep voice make up for it. This song is very weird including stuff like "eye sensors". Luckily he easily defeats all of the enemies.

The Space Knight helps Loof Mellow up and tells her not to hurt herself with overexhurstion. Ruby demands that Usagi hand over the Silver Crystal. All of a suddenly Hotaru walks on stage in a kimono. She's control by a spirit. She tells them to return to their comet.

**SONG - Hitosuji no Hikari no Kokoro - Yabou no Kao**
She has a very sweet voice and sings that hatred will only bring desturuction and that they need to return and bring joy to their lives instead. About half way into the song Dark Plasman sings of taking over the Earth and that's his only ambition. Plasman recognizes Usagi as the Moon Princess.

~SCENE CHANGE (Stage 2)~

**SONG - Star Glory**
After a short intro of asking what the delay is and why the Moon Princess is on the island, Plasman sings of the day that their comet was cast aside in the solar system. It's been 5000 years and they have come to far to lose this time. He fell in love with Princess Moon years ago and he still desires her but he won't let that get in the way of his glory.

~SCENE CHANGE (On the beach)~

Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako discuss how much they hate being stranded on this island. How they can't transform, and how hungry they are. They still want to protect Usagi even if they can't transform.

**SONG - Hyouchaku Shita Keredo...**
This is a song about being stranded. They wonder what will happen to them. All of a sudden Usagi runs on with food for everyone. They wonder where she got the food but she says it doesn't matter. Usagi seems a small nonsense song and everyone dances with her and then munches on the food. Mamoru is suspicious because the fruits and fish are already cut up. Off stage we can see Endymion in a pink apron with a knife and cutting board.

The realize that the Captain and others lured them to the island as a trap. Usagi says that she found jewels and the girls are excited. At that moment the kitties wander on stage and make a ton of noise. Chibiusa tells Usagi the kitties want their jewels returned. The team decides on what needs to be done in terms of an SOS, scouting and firewood but Chibiusa decides to stay. The kitties are looking for their mothers to return but they don't think she'll be coming back.

**SONG - Okaasan te Nan Darou**
This song starts out with Chibiusa singing and she really needs to clear her throat it sounds like but at the end the kitties sing too. At last King Endymion comes on and sings the final part to the song. The kitties take Chibiusa at the end to find fruit and food.

Setsuna finds King Endymion walking around the island. Setsuna knew she would come because he wouldn't leave Chibiusa alone. The kitties run up to Setsuna and hand her Chibiusa's purse and they realize she's in trouble.

~SCENE CHANGE (Last night, on the beach)~

Loof Mellow and her minions are in their lair and Loof Mellow is experiences some strange feelings which the minions act out. They do a bit of word association jokes. They think she has "heart burn" so they go off stage to get her medicine but she claims a wall and waxes romantic.

**SONG - Just Love Wasurerarenai**
This is a very cute love song and Hikari's song voice is somewhat seemingly ill-suited for such a light love ballad but it works for a strong pirate Queen.

Just as Loof Mellow finishes singing she sees the Space Knight and Setsuna fighting against Plasman's peoples. The Space Knight tells Loof Mellow that they took Small Lady and she orders her minions after Plasman. Her minion does bring her the heart burn medicine before jetting off. Endymion says she saved her because the symbol on her chest resembles on in a document from the moon. She was Arutika's Princess.

~SCENE CHANGE (Bamboo Grove)~

Everyone is looking for Chibiusa in the grove at night. Usagi sees the kittens and give them the jewels like Chibiusa asked. Hotaru (possesed by the memories of the Quartile Comet) then comes out and reveals that the kittens are actually children. Ruby, Saphire and Emerlad are looking for someone but they can't find them.

Loof Mellow explains that her people were guarding a temple which held up the Moon Kingdom but Dark Plasman, in order to conquer the Sol System, dropped 4 dark crystals. Three of those crystal fell into the temple and one was deflected by Princess Moon. The temple had to charge orbit so that the Earth would not be destroyed but changing orbit caused Arutika to fall apart. Since humanity has allowed horrible things has happened to the Earth the dark crystals have grown again and that's why we they can't transform. Just as it's all explained Dark Plasman comes to kill them. It's time for a new Kaguyaa Legend.

~SCENE CHANGE (Arutika's Temple)~

Setsuna bursts into the lair after Loof Mellow's minions and finds Small Lady. The minions realize that Setsuna is an ally and fight beside her until Dark Plasman hits them. Loof Mellow fights against Dark Plasman. The Space Fighter reveals himself as King Endymion after he blocks Plasman's attacks. A big fight ensues between Plasman's minions and Loof Mellow's minions. Loof Mellow's minions die and she decides to keep on fighting. She understands that only her gun can end this fight so she destroys her temple with it so that Earth can go on. With the destruction of the temple, the Sailor Senshi can finally transform.

**SONG - Solar Miracle Make Up**
Full stage senshi singing. Fumina must be really bad at moving around while singing as she does almost no moving at all again for the 100th time while singing. She's also Super Sailor Moon. In memory, this is the most boring dance fight with only Uranus and Pluto really fighting - everyone else walking around the stage singing.

The senshi do "Sailor Planet Attack" and Plasman sinks into the ground but reveals that he is actually two things and there is a second Dark Plasman. The kittens try to protect them but Plasman knocks them unconcious. Saphire, Emerald and Ruby realize that they're the children that were left behind 5000 years ago who have been awaiting their mothers return.

**SONG - Yatto Aeta ne (We Finally Meet)**
A very sweet motherly song for the meeting of children and mothers. Everyone hugs but the kittens die at the end of the song and the mothers weep over their bodies. Chibiusa also hugs her father.

The three crystal woman turn against Plasman for discarding their children but he destroys them as well for their insolance. The senshi tells him he can never have the Silver Crsyatl because he's weak and without a heart. He tells them he has a strength they don't understand from years of being alone. He believes that he has been wrong by the universe. All Plasman corners Sailor Moon, both Tuxedo's come foward with a "La Smoking Bomber"

**SONG - And Believe In All**
I really like this song but they gave him very stiff movements for some reason so it doesn't look as awesome as it could. The fight part is nice and the senshi are backup dancers.

A posessed Saturn gives Sailor Moon the power to transform once again into something great so that she can defeat Plasman.

Sailor Moon rises from underneath the stage and a kimono is pulled off to reveal Eternal Sailor Moon. This is a pretty depressing song actually. Fumina looks really bored instead of looking angry or strong. Again, she doesn't move much or dance at all pretty much. The singing in this song is top notch though.

The comet is closing in on Earth but everyone keeps hope alive and does the "Sailor Planet Attack" and "Sailor Star Power" Chibimoon and Moon do a double therapy kiss and the backstage explodes with lights, the day is saved.

**SONG - Minna Dareka ni Asarete**
This song makes me cry a little. Even Fumina seems to be a little teary towards the middle. The kitties and their mothers come back and sing with everyone as well. Chibiusa promises to apoligize to her mother for the trouble. The kittens and their mothers leave to be together.

SONG: Everlasting Moonlight

SONG: Everlasting Moonlight/La Solider
I don't think these are live and there are a few really awkward closeups on Fumina looking less than steallar but the dance is the same as ever.


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