Summary of Shin - Densetsu Kourin

This musical is the first of second stage and is a mash up of Eien Densetsu and Yume Senshi following the Sailor Stars arc. It's a bit of a mess really. It is of note that this is the first musical that isn't lip synced.

**SONG - Double Moonlight Romance**
We see some villians running around and they attack Chibiusa until she's surrounded and then Sailor ChibiChibi comes out of a door as Tuxedo Mask starts singing. Why Tuxedo Mask and ChibiChibi are singing a love song together is a mystery even to me. Eventually Usagi enters and sings with King Endymion.

When the song fades out, we see a shadowed Galaxia stealing Mamoru's starseed, probably on a plane. The scene then fades and we see Usagi standing alone on a rooftop crying. Setsuna comes and tries to confort her since Mamoru hasn't written yet.

**SONG - Shadow on My Sweet Memories**
Usagi decides to stare to straight at the camera while singing this song. Mamoru appears on the stage side above her to sing with her as well.

Setsuna says some confusing things about love to comfort Usagi. Just as Usagi is about to ask her something there is a loud noise of thunder and they see falling stars.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Somewhere in space)~~

Galaxia talks to the spirit of Beryl, possibly at the Galaxy Cauldron and resurects her.

**SONG - Yami no Hitsugi (Coffin of Darkness)**
This is a very operatic song and Beryl mainly stands in the middle of the stage and gestures while some background singers dance around her.

Beryl and Edymion have a bit of a love spat as she dispises him for leaving her for that while moonlight. Galaxia reveals it wasn't Endymion who revived her but herself. Endymion tells Beryl that he has become a king and he wants to elimate the girls with her that stood in her way. Galaxia gives them some loyal minions and sets the on their way.


**SONG - Seishun no Shoumi Kigen (Freeness in the Springtime of Life)**
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako seem to be in gym class and they sing and dance around in their "Azabu" shirts which look really cheap and bad. They do a lot of cute dancing and leap frog at once part even, adorable! Haruka and Michiru join them by playing volleyball and doing a bit of ballet.

A whistle blows and the teacher tells them the PE lesson is starting. The teacher is ridiuclously comical and comes out with a cape even and introduces himself as "Mantle Chiba". He looks just like Mamoru though. He's really energetic as Usagi rides a unicycle. Chibichibi enters and a small perriot riding a unicycles does too. The kid doesn't speak so they play chardes but it's useless. Hotaru comes on and tell them it's from the Dead Moon Circus. Fish Eye, Hawks Eyes and Tigers Eye come on and introduce themselves.

**SONG - Amazon kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita**
All the senshi dance with the Amazon Trio and perriots. Looks like a big dance party on stage.

The Amazon Trio tries to get everyone to join the cirus and Mantle Chiba thinks it's a great idea to learn unicycle with them. Chibichibi calls TigersEye a transvestite which is probably the best part of this music. It starts to rain so everyone has to leave and the Amazon Trio are left outside thinking about dreams. Though they're sure this time they'll become humans when they find the beautiful dream.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Galaxia's Layer)~~

**SONG - Galaxia Gorgeous**
Galaxia stands on the top of some stairs while all her minions dance around her. She's got a much more feminine voice than the 1st stage Galaxia, not bad but it feels less powerful to me.

**SONG - Muma no Odori**
They lure the senshi into the dream mirror during the songs.

The Amazon Trio look into the girls dreams and they girls all scream but it turns out that none of them are the dream they're looking for. Uranus and Neptune show up to try and fight again the Amazon Trio.

Beryl confronts Usagi in the meantime and tells her that Endymion is her fiance now. She tells her that she broke God's law by falling in love with someone of the Earth and now she's paying the price. She charges her with dark power and Pluto steps in with "Dead Scream".

**SONG - Stay Alone**
I don't want to sound mean but the wig Pluto is wearing is so flat that all it does it show how far Kamiya Yuki's ear stick out. Her voice is okay.

Pluto confronts Beryl about her false love with Endymion and Pluto hints that they share a fate. Usagi apoligizes to Beryl and tells her that Mamoru loved someone else she would cry but she would let him go because she loves him so much and she wouldn't want a fake love. Beryl tells Usagi if she wants her friends back than she's to go to "the place of memory" and she assults even the Amazon Trio with her power.

The Amazon Trio commands the pierrot to attack the outers and Usagi. Tuxedo Mask appears.

**SONG - Tuxedo Mission**
I actually like this song a bit and King Endymion and Tuxedo Mask have a cool cane fight in it. She's a lot of swords crossing noises in the song which are somewhat annoying when nothing happens at the moment. At the end of the song King Endymion knocks Tuxedo Mask unconcious.

Beryl's voice informs them that she will be taking Tuxedo Mask to the place of memories as well. The door to space and time opens to reveal ChibiMoon who tell her there's trouble in the 30th century. Saturn appears as well to tell them there's no hope for this world. The outers decide to handle Saturn while Usagi runs to save the 30th century. The outers want to use the power to protect the princess.

**SONG - Kokoro Tabanete Makin' for the Right **
I love this song. It's a reasonably boring dance which involves a lot of twirling and something that looks like swimming as a dance move. There's a lot of posing as well but it sounds great. They Sailor Teleport at the end of the song.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Place of Memories)~~

We overhear some girls laughing about how Beryl and Endymion are just puppets of Galaxia, as they leave the Amazon Trio enters. Edymion proclaims that the planet will belong to Beryl-sama soon enough. Queen Beryl orders to Amazon to kill the senshi.

The Outer senshi come on stage and we see a battle of shadows happen. After defeating the Trio Neptune demands the return of everyone. Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Tuxedo Mask come out but they attack the outers. ChibiMoon comes out and calls Beryl an old lady and tells her that anyone could see that person isn't her papa and Beryl is just blind. Super Sailor Moon comes out and introduces herself. Sailor Moon and ChibiMoon do a double therapy kiss and Beryl falls asleep. Tuxedo Mask thanks Sailor Moon for saving her but the inner senshi are still under Galaxia's spell. Galaxia comes out and proves she's the best senshi of all as she easily defeats everyone.

ChibiChibi's voice is heard and tells them not to lose hope. ChibiMoon runs away to find where the light went and the outers follow after her. Sailor Moon wonders if she can save her friends alone but Tuxedo Mask tells her that he's there with her. He tells her if she disappered everything would disappear with her.

**SONG - Triple Dreams '98**
This is a three part sung by Usagi/Mamoru, the bad guys and outers. Done by rotating who the lights are on in three parts of the stage it's pretty interesting to watch. At the end the light of hope, Sailor ChibiChibi comes out.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Stage 2, Galaxia's Layer)~~

**SONG - ~ Yamikoso Utsukushii ~Galaxia no Iradachi~**
Another Beryl song in her layer with her minions singing and dancing around her. Nishina Yuri sounds fabulous but appears to be wearing a cape made of boas. In the middle of the song Galaxia comes out and sings counter part that Beryl is a fool who can't see that she's controlling her.

Galaxia tells Beryl to hurry up and kill Sailor Moon because she hates this wasting of time. The Trio says they have a great trap they want to use to kill them and Galaxia allows it. Before Galaxia leaves they ask her who ChibiChibi is but Galaxia says only "She's my..." and then turns and leaves. All the others make fun of Galaxia and demand to know. Beryl makes up some nonsense and the Trio finally figures out that she's the light of hope and decides to nab her.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Galaxia TV Quiz Show)~~

All the girls are invited to a quiz show by an annoucer voice and they introduce themselves. The hosts are introduced and they are very obviously Tigerseye and Fisheye in costume with names which are puns. They introduce a special guest who is Hawkseye. The play a short of Chasin' After You which he claims reminds him of a past life and excites him. Then he does a dance around the stage singing a nonsense song and almost reveals they're the Amazon Trio.

Finallty the show starts and Ami gets the first question right and she get a Galaxia bracelet but Usagi got it wrong so she's lowered into the stage. Minako gets the second correct and the last Makoto and Rei both get correct but Usagi is lowered below the stage while the other girls are taken over by Galaxia.

**SONG - Chibiusa no Kokoroiki (Chibiusa's Rebellion)**
This song is awful. The Gunji-san is really cute but the song is really blah and the dance is boring.

Usagi comes in crying about the quiz show. Chibiusa tells her it's not important and that the light was at the TV station. The outers come and tell Usagi that the Quiz show was a trap and everyone is brainwashed right now. Usagi claims she missed all the anwsers on purpose because she knew that. They decid what to do and go to the TV station.

**SONG - Tekichi wa Ginga TV Kyoku**
This is one of the songs that just moves along the plot. It's not as a rousing as some of the other songs but they do a really cool spotlight effect and a lot of cute sneaking around stage.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Beryl's Layer)~~

Fish Eye brings up that Beryl might be being betrayed by Galaxia and that he doesn't think that Galaxia will give the planet up after it's taken over.

The senshi sneak in and are confronted by the brainwashed senshi immedately. The Amazon Trio tells Usagi they can no longer see dreams and they are in the custody of Beryl. Usagi begs ChibiChibi for her light but nothing happens and Galaxia comes out to gloat. The inner senshi turn on Galaxia and try to take her starseed. The tell Usagi they only pretended to be brainwashed. Galaxia tells them she got rid of her starseed long ago and attacks them. Galaxia opens time and space.

Chibiusa confronts Endymion and tells him that he isn't the real one because he doesn't know any of her dreams or even the wedding date for Usagi and Mamoru. Galaxia comes out with Mamoru's starseed and kills Beryl and tells Usagi to come after the starseed if she wants it. Galaxia attacks Chibiusa and she dies in Usagi's arms after Chibiusa tells her she dreams of being a strong senshi. The senshi fight off a lot of villians and they hurry to where Usagi is. All the senshi try and attack at once but Galaxia is much more powerful than them.

The senshi tell Galaxia that their dream is protect Sailor Moon and Galaxia decides to finish them off when Sailor Moon comes out.

**SONG - Sorezore no Elegy**
None of the inner senshi are really stellar singers. It kind of ruins the thing for me but I guess they all sound pretty sad. There is a lot of overacting in this scene and Fumina is sounding pretty crappy herself.

Pluto gives a pep talk to Sailor Moon at the end but Galaxia laughs at her. Some minions come to finish off Pluto but Beryl stops them. Beryl wants to know if she's just being used. She works through all that's happened and decides that Galaxia is her enemy and she destroies Galaxia's lackies with her "dark power". Galaxia orders the Amazon Trio to kill Beryl but Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto stop them.

**SONG - Onna no Ronsou**
Both Beryl and Pluto sound fabulous as they stand around singing this duet together.

Galaxia provokes Saturn and Pluto and eventually manages to defeat them even after they tell Usagi to keep believing and keep trying to defeat Galaxia. Usagi tells Galaxia that she won't kill her because they're both human and Usagi doesn't want to kill her. The Amazon Trio wonders why they don't dream and why they're not human. Galaxia is about to reveal that the Trio is not human but she begs Galaxia not to because she protects all life. The Trio turns to thank Galaxia and Queen Beryl appears. Even Beryl tries to reason with Galaxia who walks off stage laughing.

Endymion and Tuxedo Mask come on stage saying they're Galaxia's ultimate warriors. When they start to attack the Amazon Trio protects her. Tuxedo Mask chokes Sailor Moon and Beryl laments this world. Beryl decides to take things in her own hands and protects Usagi from being stabbed by Endymion. Endymion is also stabbed through and they decend into the stage. Just as Tuxedo Mask is about to kill Sailor Moon, ChibiChibi appears. Sailor Moon gives all of her strength to Tuxedo Mask in the form of love to try and heal him. They embrace lovingly.

There's a voice over that asks "who will save this world?". It's Endymion asking these questions but Tuxedo Mask finally remembers Usagi and tells her to keep fighting. chibiChibi makes the light of hope appear and tells them that she's Galaxia's starseed and takes them to the Galaxy Cauldron. She tells the story of the stars and Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Moon appears from the middle of the stage while Galaxia decends a staircase. Galaxia tells her that if she wants to take back the starseed she'll have to fight her. The Amazon Trio tries to protect Usagi and fights to have a dream. Usagi begs the light of hope to come and help.

**SONG - Mou ii no**
ChibiChibi bring a light with her and Galaxia tells her to stay away.

We're treated to some shadow dancing while Sailor Moon is obviously going for a costume change into Eternal Sailor Moon. When she comes back she does a Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and the sound of thunder is heard. Chaos starts to speak and demands Sailor Moon's silver crystal to return everything to the way it should be. Galaxia finally remembers herself and saves Usagi from Chaos. She runs into the cauldron and the Amazon Trio follows her in an effort to fight Chaos.

Chaos tells her that she's killed her siblings since all senshi have been born of the same cosmic energy. He demands they rejoin, she as the light and he as the dark. Usagi gets to her knees and cries not knowing what to do anymore. She hears the voices of her friends and everyone rejoins her on stage. Usagi says "I won't be lost anymore!"

**SONG - La Soldier**
This La Soldier feels really subdued. Towards the end there are a lot of villians on stage and there's a short dance fight.

At the end of the fight Sailor Moon is able to destory the caludron with the power of her Silver Crystal and Tuxedo Mask returns.

**SONG - Miracle Twister**
This song is terrible. His singing leaves a lot to be desired and he stands around revealing people with his cape and then causes everyone on stage to dance badly with him.

Everyone vows to create a new era.

**SONG - Everlasting Moonlight**
This song is really pretty but again there's very little movement in it. Even the hand motions are subtile. What surprises me most is that Fumina remains nearly stationary the entire time.

SONG: Everlasting Moonlight

SONG: La Moon
Everyone looks really uneasy while dancing to this somehow though they are really in sync.


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