Summary of 1994 Summer Musical - Ai no Senshi e no Michi

This musical is a take on the Sailor Moon S arc with Uranus and Neptune. Two key players in that arc do not actually appear in this musical namely Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn though Chibiusa does.

This musical also start with a song

**SONG - La Solider**

Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus While the dancing is pretty much a glorified line dance there are a lot of things of note here. All new cast except for Ayano and Anza (Mercury and Moon) and all new wigs! This is exciting because they look bad but not even half as bad as the one from the first musical. Personally I'm a fan of this cast, especially Suzuki Nana as Sailor Venus because she's always smiling.

The title cards tell us that once again Usagi and crew is suppose to be going on their summer vacation...


Sailor Moon comes on stage all in black with just one light shining down on her, Tuxedo Kamen appears to ask "who will save the universe?" and asks "who has such a heart?" but before he can anwser lightning strikes and he disappears! Sailor Moon rises to her feet nodding as she says "King Endymion"

**SONG - Solar Miracle Makeup!**

I'm very biased as this is one of my favorite songs and they neglect to include in any musical after this for a while. The dance includes coming down stairs, line dancing and of course RANDOM FLYING. Venus, Jupiter and Sailor Moon all get lifted into the sky at one point or another. Ayano seems to have learned how to dance as well since she's actually in time.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Death Busters Lab)~~

**SONG - Talisman wo Sagasite (Search for the Talisman)**

This is Kaolinite singing about the talisman which if you've watched any amount of Sailor Moon S you'll know about. Since it's a villian song, it's short but also operaesque. Tomoe says he's finish the damon egg and a council of what they call "Death Nightmares" sing the chorus and dance around during this song.

It's interesting to note that Professor Tomoe plays the funny partner to Kaolinite's straight man, after everything that she does he insists that he should do that next time. In this case he tells her that next time he wants to sing. They notice a pure heart and send the pure heart (on an obvious string) across the stage floating. The send the Death Nightmares away to find the pure heart


**SONG - Gondola no Koibito-tachi**

This is the first time they use the gondala thing but it's repeated in many of the musicals with the same heart background surrounding Usagi and Mamoru. It's a very cute song but because Azna is 15 and Yuuta is 23 it's a little creepy looking.

Usagi and Mamoru do a bit of flirting. Usagi leans in for a very obvious kiss when Mamoru looks out over the audience and says "ah, it just feels like there's a lot of people watching me!". Usagi is really insistant though and all of a sudden a very sad looking Lupa-P balloon flies across the stage and Chibiusa flies in on a wire from the side.

**SONG** - Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu

It's interesting to note that two girls play Chibiusa/Chibimoon and the one playing ChibiMoon ends up playing Black Lady down the road. This song is cute or annoying depending on your feelings on Chibiusa but personally I don't find this particular actress to be stand out material. Also apperently Usagi has already meet Chibiusa despite the fact this is the first time she appears in a musical.

Usagi and Chibiusa fight over Mamoru for a while in the usual way. Usagi theatens to jump in the water and when Mamoru tries to save her she falls in but only to find that the water has turned to ice. When Mamoru and Chibiusa come out of the boat, the gondola transforms into a gondola monster. Death Nightmares claim that they've come to steal Chibiusa's pure heart but she pushes them away by screaming. Off stage a voice annouces that they'll be the ones taking Chibiusa's pure heart and Uranus and Neptune rush on stage and attack the monsters.

**SONG Chobi! Uranus to Neptune**

While this is a great song and sounds great the dancing leaves something to be desires as Neptune and Uranus pretty much stand in one place and move their hips and hands when they're not pretend fighting inbetween songs. Also Neptune's wig looks like a dead poodle

Uranus and Neptune confront Usagi about Chibiusa's heart but since it turns out it isn't a talisman, they return it to her and walk off reminding Usagi that the water had turned back to water. "Eh?!" Usagi yells as she falls in with a splash.

The Death Manchaes come out and do imitation games which are pretty funny.

~~SCENE CHANGE~~ Heiwa Temple

**SONG Dream Yume wa Ookiku

Ami comes out and sings about her lament of trying to balance life, studying and fun. Makoto and Rei join her and she confesses that she was thinking about the future. They all spin around and sing.Minako also pops out of a present at the top of a stage and sings about she was choosen for the national volleyball team. Rei wants to train in Tibet and make music. Makoto wants to see all of Asia to learn cooking from various places. They all have ridiculous sized props as well. Ami decides to go to Germany after all.

All the girls agree that Ami should go even if it makes them sad since she's following her dream. They try and imagine what Usagi's dreams are since she's out with Mamo on a date. Ami hasn't told Usagi yet that she wants to go to Germany just as Usagi walks onto the stage sneezing (because they were talking about her). The girls make fun of her because she fell in the lake and Chibiusa and Mamoru come on to the scene. Usagi tells them of the Death Busters attack and blames them for not coming. Just as Ami is about to tell Usagi she's leaving there's crows noises coming from offstage. Two of the Manchaes as disguised as Phobos and Deimos and the other two enter dressed as Haruka and Michiru. The real Haruka and Michiru enter and knock their fake doubles out, the Manchas gather at the side of the stage and fight about their disguises.

Eventually they get into a fight and Mamoru is torn between protecting Chibiusa and Usagi. Everyone yells at Usagi to also join the fighting instead of fighting with Chibiusa. Mamoru yells at Usagi to be more serious and Usagi runs off yelling "I'm just a normal girl!"

The girls wonder if they've been spoiling Usagi too much that she's acting like a spoiled princess. Usagi runs back and says "it's no use running after me but you can find me at the fountain if you want to talk!". All the girls leave and Chibiusa is left alone.

**SONG Chouhatsu**

Kaolinite comes down the stairs trying to temp Chibiusa into coming with. Chibiusa decides to break into the Death Busters lair.

**SONG Muma no Odori**~~

This song is the Death Nightmares singing and rolling around on the stage. It isn't a very good song for the S series since it's about searching for people in their nightmares which seems to be more SS villain style but I'll forgive since Kaolinite has a long dress and ends up flying around the stage during the song.

**SONG - Sailor War**

All the girls, wounded, slowly stand up while singing. They find the courage and the need to go on. Other then that there is very little dancing or movement, also of note this may be the only Sailor War where a man gets to sing a line. At the end the girls all come together and hold hands.

After the song, Tomoe confronts Kaolinite about hanging around in the air and she promptly lands, he wants to fly next time of course. The Manchaes reveal that they think Ami has a pure heart but Tomoe says that Kaolinite knew that all along. Sailor ChibiMoon comes out (she's so adorable!). When she poses all the villains laugh and order her capture. She trips them and steps on them but Kaolite easily catches her. A rose wizzes across the stage and Tuxedo Kamen appears. The Death Busters lock Tuexdo Kamen out with a force field as he calls for Chibiusa!

~~SCENE CHANGE (Path by Trees)~~

Usagi is confronted by Minako, Rei and Makoto while looking for Chibiusa. They tell her that Ami is going to Germany and that she didn't want to tell Usagi because she would be upset. Minako also says that she's going to be going abroad with the volleyball team, that Makoto is going to China for cusine and Rei is going to Tibet. Usagi becomes really upset and says that they can't actually be going anywhere because they're suppose to be protecting her.

**SONG - Tabidachi (Journey)**

This is a song between Usagi and Ami and is very strange because it's sung more like a romantic duet than anything else with Ami's head impossed next to Usagi during the later half. It's a beautiful and touching piece between Anza and Ayano because they have such strong voices.

Usagi hears Ami screaming in her communicator at the airport and runs to save her. Unfortuantely Death Nightmares surround her and push her around. Tuxedo Kamens rose wizzes across the stage and he flies out of the left side to save her.

**SONG Tuxedo Mission**~~

I think Tuxedo gets the most songs since he rarely preforms the same one, even in a Kaiteban. I like this one a lot actually. As he is singing he is slowly joined by four more Tuxedo Kamens, obviousbly the Manchas in disguise.

Tuxedo Kamen tells her that Chibiusa has been captured and the other parrot everything that he says. The only one that Usagi knows isn't Tuxedo Kamen is the fat one. She tries to think of things that he would have had and says "A red rose" and they all produce one. Usagi runs up to one and says that his scent and voice tell her that he's the real one. He pushes her away saying he's a fake and run over to another one and shows his right arm with a promise bracelet on it. He swears that he too is a fake but they capture him and throw him down a chute. Usagi is left alone. She runs to save Ami but it's too late and Ami passes out in her arms.

Uranus and Neptune appear and curse themselves because they were worried that Ami's pure heart might have been a talisman. Usagi laments everything that's happened while crying. She hears a voice, it's Sailor Pluto! She confides in Pluto that she needs help but she wants everyone to fulfill their dreams instead of taking care of her. Pluto tells her that despite having no one to fight with, she still fights. Endymion also tells Usagi that she is strong and she can do this. Usagi walks slowly into the darkness and become Princess Serenity.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Death Busters Base)~~

Tomoe cradles Ami's pure heart. Tomoe asks the Death Manchas to stop pretending to be Tuxedo Kamen's and they remove their costumes except for the real Tuxedo Kamen who has infiltrated their base. Kaolinite brings out Sailor ChibiMoon to stop Tuxedo Kamen. Uranus and Neptune appear in the base to take Ami's pure heart. A fight ensues with Kasahara (Death Ra) yelling "Yee-ha!" and walking around in a wrestling costume. Princess Serenity enters the base and tells them to stop fighting. Her dress is LESS ridiculous than the first one but still full of cords that hang off everywhere and the costume is hiding her sailor suit. She begs Tomoe to stop but he ignores her. Venus, Jupiter and Mars appear to join the fight! Kaolinite's dress become the backdrop of the stage and Kaolinite shocks everyone until they stop moving. Death Ra runs out holding Chibiusa above his head and she too is shocked until silent. Usagi begins to cry over ChibiMoon's body.

Usagi runs over to the side of the stage and yells "Moon Cosmic Power Make Up" she's then suspended in the air, twilered around 4-5 times, flown off stage while Kasahara-san yells "YEEHA" a lot and flow back on in her Sailor Moon costume. This is actually one of the most ridiculous things to happen in a musical.

Sailor Moon makes her usual speech, is taken into the air and does "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" (also know as flash all the lights in the house). Afterwards Sailor Moon kneels over ChibiMoon's body. Tomoe tells her it's useless because he's about to use an atomic bomb on them. The Manchas tell him to stop, and Mercury appears and freezes Tomoe in place. Usagi realizes that kindness has to win out and Tomoe yells at her but even Neptune and Uranus agree they all need to fight together to win.

**SONG Sailor War '94**

This is a special of Sailor War to include Uranus and Neptune. Nothing too special about it. It's the usual standing in a line and walking forward with hands raised dance.

All the senshi do a Sailor Planet Attack to cleanse Tomoe. As glitter rains down on the stage, Chibiusa wakes up. Chibiusa says she dreamed about her mother and that Usagi was doing a great job being Sailor Moon. The Manchas wonder why Sailor Moon didn't kill the Death Busters and they swear revenge. Sailor Moon promises that though nothing is resolved in battle they'll be there to protect people with love.

**SONG - L'Amour D'amour Moonlight**

This is a combination of line dancing and actual dancing which is pretty cute. It's interesting to see how they use stage space with 7 people instead of just 5. A lot of the dance moves actually look like some of the moves which are in the Sailor Moon anime openings, like a hop-jump to appear as if flying.

SONG: Solar Miracle Make Up

SONG: La Solider
It's a full cast encore and it's worth watching because Chibiusa and Chibimoon dancing is too cute. It's not the standard dance, it's a bit simpler than that but still VERY CUTE


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