Summary of 1993 Summer Musical - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen

This musical is supposed to take place in line with the stories of the anime and manga, after the Dark Kingdom and Beryl are defeated. While the other musical after it will somewhat tackle those stories, this particular musical adheres very closely with established stories and ideas. Such so that it is of note that Luna and Artemis appear only in this musical (even though other kitties will come along).

The title cards before the musical establish that Usagi and company are about to embark on their long awaited summer vacation but they're just met four mysterious and handsome men!

Confusingly enough this musical starts with singing and dancing, not from the girls, but from their senshi counter points.

**SONG - Mystery Sagashi (Mystery Search)**

Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus The dancing in these first few musical is very simple and influenced by a lot of older musicals from the 70s. There’s a lot of dancing in a line and large hand motions. The music is pre-recorded. This song is also not popular or particularly good because it isn't used for another 10 years. All the girls are almost haphazard in their direction but it's kind of cute to watch them dance. Ayano (Mercury) is particularly off-beat in this song.

At the end of the song our girls are startled by dark and mysterious laughter which flows through the auditorium. They come to the conclusion that these laughs are from the four generals and Beryl. We get out first glimpse of our villain as Berly is highlighted on a staircase above them. All the villains of the past season have been revived and the girls are confused by what has happened. They're attacked with "Dark Power" and they all pretend to be in pain but it really looks like they're having seizures. The villains tell them that they'll defeat them and Beryl gloats. Usagi shouts "I want to wake up from this dream!" and suddenly the lights go out.


Luna comes running up the stairs on the left side of the stage acting much like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. "What shall I do!?" and calling for Artemis who is laying in a very ungentlemanly position on a box the stage. Luna tells Artemis that Beryl was revived in a dream that Usagi had and a fact which I don't believe is true is presented: that Usagi's dreams always come true. They run to tell the other girls about the dream.


The stage is mostly empty, this musical has very little in the way of sets, but it's the bathing suit section and as such a pillar of ice seems to be the way to set bathing suits up in this reality. Rei and Minako come out and admire them. Rei is wearing a traditional shinto priestess outfit, Minako is in an outlandishly pink top with white shorts. Both of their wigs look okay from far away but close up will make you cry as they both appears to made of more yarn than hair and look raggedy and dead. Makoto and Ami enter, Makoto wearing a straw hat and a green jumper and Ami in a very conservative blue polka dot dress. All the girls, save Ami are fussing over which bathing suits to buy. Usagi enters yawning and wear blue patched overall that are about 4 sizes too large for her. Her wig is the worst of all. The girls tease Usagi about her sleepy state and when she recovers she tells them about her dream. The girls don't think it's a problem because it was just a dream. Usagi decide that they're probably right and laugh it off. Haruna-senshi appears and asks the girls to join her for summer vacation traveling to another country. The girls are so excited they sing.

**SONG - Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation (Let's Have a Summer Vacation)**

This dance reminds me of cha-cha-ing a bit. Again all the characters stand in a line across the stage to dance. This song doesn't resurface for a long time (I believe it's in a 4th stage musical as well). It's pretty plain and the "See" and "Ato ne" as echos are particularly annoying and sound nothing like the girls or Haruna-sensei's voice making me wonder where exactly it was suppose to come from. (Beryl may be doing backup! Scary!) Haruna-sensei also pulls her skirt up at one point of the song to illustrate "long legs". Rei pulls Ami aside at the end of the song and has a pretty bad delivery of "Something's strange" then as the song end Rei announces to everyone that Haruna-sensei has been taken over by a demon! Haruna begins to cry and all the girls accuse Rei of being mean so Rei begins to chant to try to bring the youma out.Haruna turns into Manneguin and calls out to her commrades to get the Ginzoushou. The girls attempt to transform but Mannguin afflictes them with various attacks. Just as all hope is lost, Tuxedo Mask appears

**SONG - Bara no Himitsu (Secret of the Rose)**

Tuxedo Mask is okay looking aside from his mask which is 2-3 sizes to large for his head. This is probably the most boring number as Tuxedo just stands on the top of a platform and the youma wiggle around singing backup.I think at the end the youman are dead because they disappear and Luna and Artemis appear on the stage where only Usagi stands now. Usagi is enchanted by Tuxedo Kamen and doesn't listen to Luna's warning about the Dark Kingdom when Luna begins to tell her to remember her past. Usagi looks at Luna inquizatively "Endymion-sama?". Luna and Artemis tell the story of the Moon Kingdom. They stare off into the distance after and feel nostalgia for the long forgotten past


We are shown the prince, whose shoulder pads could kill man, and Serenity who is wearing a dress over her fuku such that it is big enough to contain three of her. They're on a balcony at night.

**SONG - Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete (Love on the Waltz)**

It starts out with just Serenity and Endymion gently waltzing together but eventually come second verse all the senshi and generals have joined them. Everyone's costumes in this waltz are ridiculous. Mostly just big shoulders and the senshi dance in their Sailor outfits. This is a very soft song and only goes on for about two minutes. Just your normal waltz. At the end there is a fake kiss at which time Luna and Artemis run in screaming of the horrible things that Beryl is doing outside the palace walls. Luna says that Beryl already controls the generals and with that they reveal themselves as evil warriors for the Dark Kingdom. Usagi yelled "I don't want to remember this horrible past!"


The cats sit on a bench and discuss what to do next. The girls enter talking about how terrible the youma attack was. Ami tells them all it's no time for a summer vacation when Usagi bursts on the stage and demands they all go to the beach instead of dealing with these awful things. Without any warning a man does backflips onto the stage. It's Saito-sempai who Minako adores. The girls make fun of her and throw her at Saito telling her that she must confess. She knocks him over and the girls huddle behind a bench watching the two interact. Minako decides to sing about her first love to the guy she likes.

**SONG** - Namikimichi no Koi (A treelined road of Love)

Minako stands in place the entire song and Saito stand next to her. The song is soft and touching but nothing really happens. After the song is finished it's reveled that Saito is her first love. They decide to go to an amusement park and the other girls follow.


Minako notices the girls following her and tells them to come out, it's only Ami, Rei, and Makoto though, Usagi had somehow managed to get lost on the way to the park. Saito says he'll introduce the girls to his gymnastics team friends and each one picks out a girl whom they like best upon meeting them. There are only 3 friends though and Usagi stands off stage going "What? I'm the only one alone!"

**SONG Saikyou no Couple Gundan (The Best Couple - Gundan)

This is a really upbeat number where all the girls and their paired boy kind of sock hop their way through. Throughout the whole song Usagi tries to cut in and dance with the guys but she continues to be butted out. After the song is finished Usagi is crying to herself and when she throws a tissue backwards it hits Mamoru in the face. Mamoru asks her why she's crying and she says she wants to go to the ocean. He offers but tells her she has to finish all her summer homework and she runs off crying again. Artemis and Luna are looking for the girls again, but can't seem to find them. Luna says that Aremis can't understand the girls because they're not like men.

**SONG Onna no ko Shinsou - The situation of Women**

This is a pretty disturbing song for me at least since a cat has to explain to another cat how women are, except all with some nice 1950's sterotypes. Though Luna also says that guys and girls are only different by one chromosomes but it doesn't make up for the dance they do together or the songs poor music.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Fortune Telling Booth)~~

This is the creepiest fortune telling booth ever and only contains a giant globe called "Heaven's Globe" in the middle. Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako and their partners are all gathered around it when a fortune teller asks if they want to know their fortunes. The fortune twists into a dark magic spell and the stage explodes with smoke. Beryl's familar laugh fills the theatre. She stuns all of the girls until they can't move or breathe. Minako calls out for Saito to help but he reveals he's working with Queen Beryl and that he's Kunzite. All the other revel their names as well. The Shittenou beat up the girls. Usagi and the cats come but Beryl shocks them all as well. Tuxedo appears and starts to fight off the Shittenou. Beryl makes a strageticly bad move and takes Tuxedo with her to her Kingdom and tells Usagi and the girls to follow her there. Artemis, now critically wounded, tells them where to go.

**SONG - Sailor War**

All the girls, wounded, slowly stand up while singing. They find the courage and the need to go on. Other then that there is very little dancing or movement, also of note this may be the only Sailor War where a man gets to sing a line. At the end the girls all come together and hold hands.

~~SCENE CHANGE (D Point)~~

**SONG - Yami Koso Utsukushii (Darkness is Beautiful)**

Tuxedo Mask is hanging on a cross in the dark layer. Beryl sings about her evil plans to take over the world and crush the White Moon. The generals and several youma dance with her. Though she does very little actual dancing since her costume seems to have devloped several layers of silver garland on all it's surfaces. Beryl tells the Shittenous about her plan to lure Sailor Moon to her and take the Ginzoushou so that she can control and rule everything. The girls transforming is heard offstage and they walk onto the stage for the first time in their Sailor Senshi outfits. And of course, they introduce themselves. Sailor Moon makes her big apperence and walks slowly down the stage towards Beryl. Everyone dance-face offs. Sailor Moon frees Tuxedo Mask from his cross and all the girl fight with their respective generals. All the senshi do their attacks but are twarted by their love for the Shittenou. Beryl kills Mamoru, and the final showdown begin.


Luna says "It looks like the end of the world" but the two cats try to keep the faith in Serenity, Usagi, and the Ginzoushou.


Sailor Moon remembers her words from before and feel strength in herself. After a few taunts and justic speeches Sailor Moon pulls out a ridiculous large wand and point it at Beryl. Beryl thows her backwards but she hears the voices of her fellow senshi calling to her. They appear of stage calling out their transformations. She thanks them, stands up and says "Moon Princess Halation" which causes a serious light show to kill Queen Beryl. Beryl tells Sailor Moon that as long as people have hatred she'll always be resurected (it's true, see the 1996 Stars Musical).


Artemis knows that Sailor Moon just released the Ginzoushou's power. Luna runs off fearing that it's killed her.


Sailor Moon recounts all the things she wanted to have in life, like being a normal girl. And dies on the stairs. Luna and Artemis are looking for Sailor Moon but cannot find her. In looking at the moon though Artemis can see all the girls there, resurected - again.

**SONG - La Solider**

Another line dance.

SONG: Mystery Sagashi (Mystery Seatch)

SONG: La Solider
This time the full cast stands in a line and does the song, the dance is exactly the same but watching Beryl trying to do it in her dress is worth watching it.


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