Summary of 1995 - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni...

This musical is a take on the Sailor Moon SS arc with Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We are introduced to a mysterious girl but there is no Sailor Saturn appering in this musical.

The curtain opens to stage with a mysterious woman laughing and Chibiusa asking Pegasus what happened. A black shadow has covered his world and Chibiusa promises to try to help.

**SONG - Double Moonlight Romance**

Pegasus, Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru

This song is slow and somewhat boring as Chibiusa most interact with some flashing lights which form the outline of Pegasus. For most of the song the motion is very subtile and dark. During the second stance Usagi and Mamoru enter but they stand still around the stage.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Forest in Reality)~~

Usagi spies Chibiusa standing in the middle of the nowhere. Chibiusa is surprised that's she's suddenly in the forest. Usagi tells her that everyone has prepared a picnic for her and she's run off like that. Chibiusa apoligizes but they realized they're lost and hungry. Usagi reaches for the candy in her pocket but there's a hole in it.

Just as they are about to give up, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and Mamoru appear with all the picnic things telling them that the candy helped them find the pair. Mamo-chan pops the tent, praises Usagi and they sing!

**SONG - Mori de Tanoshi (Fun in the Forest)**
Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru
Everyone sings about how great the forest is, but about halfway through the song four monkeys come onto the stage and steal all of their food.

Everyone realizes that the food is gone and Minako blames Usagi. Chibiusa says she saw something weird and the monkey come back on stage, we're able to see they have bunny ears and are really strange creatures. They chase the girls around and suddenly a whip cracks and the Amazon Trio appears on a bridge over the stage. They introduce themselves..

**SONG - Amazon kara Circus ga Yatte Kita (It Came from the Amazon Circus)**
Amazon Trio
The Amazon trio sings while all the girls and monkey-bunnies do back up dancing. In the middle, the Trio has an aside saying they are sure these girls have the dream mirror. Perriots come out and dance and hand out flyers for the Dead Moon Circus.

All the girls want to go and try out for the Dead Moon Circus, except for Chibiusa!

~~SCENE CHANGE (Cafe Bar Amazon)~~

The Trio sits around talking about their plans. They order strange drinks, consider which of the girls are their favorites and Fish Eye takes a special liking to Mamoru. Tigers Eyes and Hawk Eye make fun of Fish Eye for being a transvestite. Fish Eye wonders why the Amazon Trio doesn't have dreams. Zircona-sama appears and birates them.

**SONG - Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume**
Dead Moon Circus
Zirconia is absolutely horrifying. All the minions surround her and sing the song together. The song is mostly in dark red light and it's hard to see much.

Zicornia speaks with a mysterious girl who is helping them to carry out their mission, to find the beautiful dream and destory it. When the girl finds Pegasus, Chibiusa can see her trying to destory him. Chibiusa is stolen away by lemures but Sailor Pluto flies in from the right side of the stage to save her. Pluto fights away the lemures and a perriot. Neptune and Uranus appear after Pluto is hit.

**SONG - Fukkatsu! Crisis Yurusumaji**
Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto
For most of the song Uranus and Neptune are alternating between fighting and singing and dancing. Pluto enters later and does the same. In their song they say that they'll prevent any crisis even if it's Sailor Saturn's energy that they feel.

Uranus thinks that they should go and destory Sailor Saturn right away. Pluto tries to tell her that the circus is only controlling her but Uranus turns her back to her. They realize that they're in a dream which means that the girl really is Sailor Saturn. Tuxedo Mask appears and tells them to wait until his order to do anything.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Dead Moon Circus Audition)~~

Many perriot come out and do tricks. Usagi comes out and tries to do a ring trick and is unable to do it but Makoto comes out and is able to do it. Fish Eye does a ball walking trick and Usagi is also unable to do that but Ami can do it. Mamoru does acrobatics, Minako dances, and Sailor Mars does "Burning Mandala" with live fire. All the girls try and cheer Usagi on to do a trick to become part of the circus, but even juggling she's unable to do. Everyone but Usagi passes into the cirus. The others beg for Usagi to join them and eventually she is able to! She's handed a costume and a mop and is made the circus janitor. Everyone else is led off stage to sign a contract and Usagi is left alone.

**SONG - Mop Hop Step Jump**
Usagi dances around the stage with her mop, that's pretty much it.

A girl is being bullied by perriot, Usagi yells at them and they leave. When they do she introduces herself and asks the girls name but she says she can't remember. The girl places a necklace around her neck and when Usagi asks when it is a tune begins to play.

**SONG - Miss Dream**
Mysterious Girl
A swing appears on stage and the girl swings gently as she sings this sweet tune.

Usagi also sits on a swing but it lifts off stage and when she asks the girl how to get down the girl tells her she's an amnesiac so she doesn't know anything!

Hawk Eye and Ami enter and Hawk Eye tries to charm her. All the other girls watch in amazement. Ami isn't charmed though because she's too busy reading. Her tells her he wants to see more of her dream and transformed into Tiger's Eye and does the "1, 2, 3" to find her dream mirror. The other girls try to henshin but are caught by the dream finding boards. Their dreams do not have pegasus but Zirocona feels a strong energy in them and wants to use them. They are taken away by the Circus.

Meanwhile, Mamoru and Usagi are swinging on swings talking about their love.

**SONG - Triple Dreams**
Full Cast
Usagi and Mamoru remain on the swings for the entire song and sing a sweet love song while the Dead Moon sings of stealing dreams and becoming the rulers of darkness. The Outer Senshi enter from the left stage and sing about how they will fight against the evil. Chibiusa confronts the girl about hurting Pegasus. This is all sung in a three part song. Chibiusa cries out for Pegasus and we see an animation of him disappear in the sky.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Usagi Circus Time)~~

**SONG - Show Time Usagi Circus Show**
Full Cast
We are treated to many feats inclusing uncycling, balancing on balls, and all the things which were auditioned for in the circus before.

Tiger's Eye asks the audience if the circus was fun and tells them that cute lemures are entering their dreams and changing them to nightmares. He tells everyone not be afarid because they'll become their companions and it'll be fun.

Usagi wakes up from her dream screaming "Mamo-chan". Rei, Makoto and Minako come down on the stage, the critize her and act coldly towards her. They make fun of her and Mamo-chan being together and they leave. Fish Eye drags Mamoru on stage and they talk about Usagi and dreams. Fish Eye tells them Mamoru should be his pretend lover. They find Usagi hiding behind a trashcan. The trashcan meows and Fish Eye runs off the stage screaming. The trash can stands up and actually is...Chibiusa! She tells them about Pegasus and they decide Dead Moon Circus is a new evil. The mysterious girl runs on stage being chased by lemures and Usagi chases them away only to find Ami yelling at her. Usagi asks Ami where the real Ami has gone

**SONG - Ii Ko wa Yameta (The Good Kid Quit)**
Ami and Mysterious Girl
Ami, in a black jacket sings about how she's done with being a good kid.

Chibiusa says that it's all the mysterious girls fault that everyone is acting like this. Usagi says that she needs to protect everyone and asks them to listen to her about who they really are.

**SONG - Omoidashite Anata wo (Remember Yourself)**
Usagi and the Inner Senshi
Usagi sings about how they are not like this and hopes that they will remember who they were. Eventually they join in singing with her while we're shown clips of Ami and Usagi together and Usagi takes off Ami's jacket. She finally remembers that she's Princess Mercury, and one by one they remember and take off their Dead Moon jackets.

They can't remember anything about what happened when they were part of the Dead Moon Circus but they know that the girl is evil. The Outer Senshi appear and tells them that the girl is a dream black hole and they need to destory her. The girl is backed into a corner and starts sucking the power out of everyone. Chibiusa calls Pegasus with her Twinkle Yell and the girl is knocked unconcious. Pegasus says he will go into the girls dream and try and revive her, Chibiusa and Mamoru go with him.

Zirconia comes and laughs triumphantly that they've trapped Pegasus. The girls transform into Sailor Senshi. There is a fight between the Outer Senshi and the Amazon Trio. The Dead Moon enters the girls dreams and the senshi try and enter the dream as well but there are wild animals. The girls decided they must try to see the girls dream and they use their Sailor Teleport to get inside the dream.

~~SCENE CHANGE (Inside the Mysterious Girl's Dream)~~

Inside the dream is dark and black and the Dead Moon rejoices at finally finding it but is worried that the senshi will find a way to enter. They spot Chibiusa and capture her. Tuxedo Mask appears to save her just in the nick of time.

**SONG - Tuxedo Loyal**
Tuxedo Mask
Tuxedo fights the usagi-saru while singing.

Afterwards, the senshi appear but minus Sailor Moon. They laugh about how even in dreams she gets lost and at the last moment she appears. Nehelenia appears as an on stage shadow and declares herself the Queen of the Moon in the past. She tells Sailor Moon that she will crush the white moon and this planet. She hurts Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask tries to convince Nehelenia to give up her quest to turn the world dark. Tuxedo Mask is able to stand up to Nelehelaia and the mysterious girl is released from her control. Tuxedo Mask is greatly injured and dying on the stair, Sailor Moon begs him to hang on. He tells her that his dream is to live a normal life next time.

Zirconia pushes the Amazon Trio for failing in their mission. Usagi defends them saying that they understand kindness so they're human after all. The Amazon Trio suddenly understand about why they don't have dreams, and they turn against Zirconia. Ziconana turns the three back into animals and the mysterious girl comes out and hurts everyone. She flitters between herself and Sailor Saturn and eventually is able to become herself, Tomoe Hotaru.

Pegasus comes and gives everyone new power, Sailor Moon and Chibiusa transform using "Moon Crisis Makeup!". We're showed a CGI of their transformation. Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon appear at last!

**SONG - La Moon**
All Senshi
We are treated to a dance off fight. Pretty classic. Sailor Pluto's Chonos Typhoon sets off a fog machine.

Pegasus tells Usagi that the three souls of the Amazon Trio live in the forest now. Endymion appears and says that he's gone to Serenity and that she shouldn't worry. Serenity is seen shadowed overhead

**SONG - Over the Moon**
Serenity and Sailor Moon and eventually the senshi as well I think?
Since we can't really see Serenity this song is just the senshi standing around and singing with her. At the end, Hotaru wakes up out of a bed and sings with them as well.

SONG: La Solider

They do a curtain call after the credits to Usagi Time Circus Show. They also seem to show the credits AGAIN. I'm not sure why this is but okay whatever.

SONG: La Moon


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