Eternal Edition 2

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1. The Last Change (21st Century)
2. Honoo no Messenger Messanger of Flames
3. Zigzag Slash
4. Drive Me The Mercury
5. Traditional The Grace ~Ai no Arashi~ Traditional The Grace ~Storm of Love~
6. Harsh! Saint Cry!!
7. Forbidden Hades
8. To a Brand-new World
9. Matamata Chibi-Usa desu Once Again It's Chibiusa
10. Best Songs Medley
11. New Innocent Demand
12. Moment Fatal
13. Harsh! Saint Cry!! (kareoke)
14. Forbidden Hades (kareoke)
15. To a Brand-new World (kareoke)
16. Matamata Chibi-Usa desu (karoke)
17. La Moon Chibiusa's Sea
18. Everlasting Moonlight
19. LINK At Least We Meet
20. FIRE
21. Moment Fatal (Instrumental)
22. Moonlight Densetsu (Bonus Track)
23. LINK (Orgel Tone)
24. La Soldier (Orgel Tone)