Memorial of the Musical 5

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1. Overture
2. Orleans no Sei Senshi Holy Soldiers of Orleans
3. Yami no Hitsugi Coffin of Darkness
4. Itsuwari no Forevermore Pretending Forevermore
5. Kick Out a Bloody Mystery
6. Galaxia Gorgeous
7. Chasin' After You
8. I Miss You
9. To a Brand-New World
10. Toki Michite Kourin Complete Time Descent
11. Tenkuu no Utage Banquet of the Sky
12. Kakyuu-ouhi to SURII RAITSU Princess Fireball and the Three Lights
13. Mizusakiannai-nin no GEEMU The Pilot's Game
14. Sorezore no EREJII Each One's Elegy
15. Onna no Ronsou A Woman's Despute
16. ORUREAN no Sei Senshi ~ URANUSU to NEPUCHUUN no Uragiri Holy Soldiers of Orleans ~ Uranus & Neptune's Betrayal
17. Oitsumerarete Pursuing
18. Mou Ii No It's Alright Now
19. La Fatalité Sei Senshi The Fate of the Star Soldiers
20. Curtain Call~Medley
21. La Soldier