Memorial of the Musical 3

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1. Double Moonlight Romance
2. Mori de Tanoshiku Fun in the Forest
3. Amazon Kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita The Circus Came From the Amazon
4. Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume Dead Moon's Black Dream
5. Fukkastu! Crisis Yurusumazi Revival! We Won't Allow a Crisis
6. Mop, Hop, Step, Jump!
7. Miss Dream
8. Triple Dreams
9. Usagi Circus Show Time
10. Ii Ko wa Yameta The Good Kid Quit
11. Omoidashite Anata wo Please Remember Yourself
12. Tuxedo Royale (Tuxedo's Theme)
13. La Moon
14. Over The Moon
15. Stay Alone
16. To A Brand New World
17. Sailor Senshi Comment
18. La Solider