Memorial of the Musical 12

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1. Tsukiiro no SHINJIKEETO Moon Colored Syndaciate
2. Dancing Mistress
3. Kaze no Shinjin Poet of the Wind
4. Chasin' After You (Re-Mix)
5. Koi no DENJARASU Dangerous Love
6. Galaxia Gorgeous
7. Prince of the Earth
8. Sailor War Supreme
9. Yami koso Utsukushi ~ GYARAKUSHIA no Sakui The Darkness is Beautiful (~ Galaxia's Commission)
10. Minna no Ai wo Kaesenai I Cannot Return Everyone's Love
11. Kokoro Tabanete - Makin' for the Right Hearts Bundled - Makin' for the Right
12. By Heaven! Kami Nomi zo Shiru By Heaven! Only the God Knows!
13. Get Across the Moon
14. A Shooting Star Light
15. Drive Me the Mercury
16. Pinky Typhoon
17. What For!? Shinjitsu no Kajitsu What For!? Fruit of Truth
18. Here Goes! Shining Star
19. Moment Fatal (2003 1 Chor. Ver.)
20. La Soldier (2003 1 Chor. Ver.)