Memorial of the Musical 11

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1. Overture
2. Usagi Love Magic
3. Unubore Shoujo ga Yatte Kita!! The Conceited Girl Has Come!!
4. Isei Nottori Keikaku Scheme to Conquer the Foreign Star
5. Triangle Secret
6. Tuxedo Mission
7. Harsh! Saint Cry!! (Re-arrange)
8. Chinmoku no Hameln Silent Hameln
9. Usagi to Yonin no Zureru Omoi Usagi and Four Friends' Conflicting Thoughts
10. Destined Couple
11. Magus Collection
12. Sailor War '94
13. Seijaku no OSUTII Host of Silence
14. Broken MÖBIUS (Talisman Version)
15. The World Died Out
16. Hereafter...
17. MISUTERII Sagashi Mystery Search
18. La Solider